This has been a very successful year for Barefield National School and our Marine Environment Initiatives. All the students and staff have put in lots of effort and we are all now much more aware of the Marine Environment and the damage that is being caused.

Summer Holidays and the good weather are here so we will all be spending more time on the lovely beaches we have in Clare.  It is a great opportunity to appreciate the beautiful environment that we have and how we can do our bit to make it better.

Kate Howard reported in assembly the nine items that are flushed down toilets and cause big problems for our environment. These are the NASTY NINE! (Clean Coasts / Think Before You Flush). 1. Cotton Buds, 2. Baby Wipes, 3. Facial Wipes, 4. Cleansing Pads, 5. Toilet Tube Rolls, 6. Medicines,7. Cigarettes, 8. Plasters, 9. Nappies….Can you believe these are flushed down the toilets….? (See Poster)

The two biggest offenders are the baby wipes and face wipes which are actually made of plastic and don’t biodegrade. We need to put these in a bin not the toilet. The great news is that every family received a copy of the Nasty Nine Poster for their home.

After the exhibition, Carmel Madigan selected the artwork and craftwork displays she was most impressed with. She said that this was a really hard job because they were all so good. However, she had to pick… and here are the results.

Kate Howard and Lyndsay Clarke announced the results from our Whole School Exhibition for World Oceans Day June 12th. From the Junior End: Ms Powers Senior Infants for being most creative – designing an Ocean Story in a Shoe Box. Ms Bakers Class achieved an environmental award for the way they used recycled plastic to tell their story. The Creative Award in the Senior classes went to Mr Conroy & Ms Raftery’s class for their beautiful display. The Environmental Award in Senior Classes went to Ms Quinn’s class for their use of salvaged plastics in creating their displays. (See photos).

Also, Carmel picked an Overall Winner from across all the classes and this award went to…..Mr Burns 3rd Class. Carmel was impressed with the ideas and the overall effort. A remarkable display! (Have a look below…WOW!)

Amílee Cleary expressed the importance to nail the nasty nine and think before you trash over the Summer Break. Also, children were reminded how re-useable bottles and no plastic in lunch boxes will become compulsory in September 2019 #passonplastic.

Lilly O’ Malley reported how ‘We’re drowning in plastic! We can help by….. remembering our green school code “Don’t trash where we splash”…. and to Please pass on plastic!

Well done to the Green School Committee it was a very enjoyable and busy year working together.  We celebrated with a pizza and ice-cream party. Each committee member received a certificate for their great efforts. If you’re interested in joining our Green School Committee next year make sure you put your name forward to your new teacher in September. We can have one representative from each classroom.

We wish Lyndsay Clarke (Chairperson) and John Carey the very best in Secondary School. Wishing you all a lovely ‘plastic free’ Summer.

Well Done to our committee members 2018-2019: Lyndsay Clarke (6th Class), John Carey (6th Class), Peter Corcoran (5th Class), Jasmine O’ Driscoll (5th Class), Kate Howard (4th Class), Amílee Cleary (4th Class), Ade O’ Malley Cetinkaya (3rd Class), Síofra Lahiff (3rd Class), Lilly O’ Malley (2nd Class), Hanaa Axmed (2nd Class), and Maeve Carden (1st Class).

Zelma Power & Jim Chambers (Co-ordinators of Green School Committee)

🙂 Green School Committee  🙂