At Barefield N.S we are so fortunate to have wonderful parents who are very generous with their talents and time.

Yesterday Jennifer came to visit our two First Classes and treated them to a fabulous puppet show.

The puppet show was great fun but also very informative.

The children learned all about the importance of looking after our environment.

Jennifer and her puppets taught the children about the four different bins we use and the type of waste to put in each.

Food and soiled kitchen roll should go in the brown coloured bin.

Clean paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and hard plastic should go in the green coloured bin.

Washed glass should go in the grey bin.

General waste that cannot be recycled goes in the black coloured bin. Jennifer advised us that we should only use this bin when it is necessary.  Unfortunately soft plastics cannot be recycled so they must go in this bin.

First Class pupils thoroughly enjoyed the puppet show and are looking forward to sharing their ‘Green’ knowledge!