Re. Home Learning during COVID-19 Emergency: 

As I reflect on the last two weeks, I wish to compliment both staff and parents on the amazing achievements in adapting to the huge unprecedented change that has enveloped our community and school routines. These circumstances are new to us all and we are all trying to help and to learn as we go. I understand that balancing life’s demands, taking care of children, anxiety about COVID-19, work commitments and now additional educational tasks can be very difficult and extremely challenging for family life.

In line with Department guidelines, teachers will continue to plan lessons and where possible provide online resources for their pupils. Teachers are using email to communicate with parents / pupils and to circulate worksheets as attachments. In addition, some teachers are also using Seesaw and Padlets. This will continue to our Easter holidays.

In relation to worksheets, can I ask parents to correct as you go and to keep the worksheets to return to your child’s teacher when school re-opens.  If you succeed in completing this work that would be wonderful, if not, please do not worry.

Please remember websites recommended by teachers are just recommendations. Many websites will direct you to the correct class level/age level for your child. However these websites are just there to assist, to access on a rainy day, to provide work for early finishers or when family distancing is required!

If parents have ideas that are working well in their homes, please share them with your teacher via email, who can then share with the rest of your child’s class, if you so wish.

During these unprecedented times, let’s keep the educational progress of our pupils steady and simple.

Make sure your child is not worried or anxious over school work. Your priority at the moment is health related, your own health and your family.

Remember to access our social media platforms for continuous updates. Our main source of on-going information is our school website (, supported by our Facebook ( and twitter ( accounts.

My compliments to all on your efforts to adhere to the importance of on-going hand-washing and social distancing. Currently, our school is undergoing a deep clean and will be totally disinfected for re-opening.

I wish to pay tribute to all parents who are front line workers during these scary times and to all who are volunteering in any way to assist neighbours and friends.

I will update you as future developments unfold.

Should any parent wish to contact me, my emergency email address for the duration of this crisis is: [email protected]

May I wish you all a safe Easter with family and loved ones.

Tabhair aire dá chéile.