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The students’ representative council is a very important development in Barefield N.S. The members of the council are elected each year by the pupils themselves.

The Chairperson of this year’s Students’ Council is Ríona and the Secretary is Ailbhe. There are also representatives from each class. The other members  of the Students’ Council are Daniel, Claudine, Ali, David, Eoghan, Díarmuid, Shane, Emily, Colm, Ingrid, Patrick, Elena and Lola. Meetings are held at regular intervals.

We have a Students’ Council in our school because all children have the right to express their views in matters affecting them. The Students’ Council is a way of giving the pupils of Barefield N.S. a  voice.

The Students’ Council:

  • listens to what pupils in the school have to say
  • represents the pupils and voices the pupils’ opinions and ideas
  • consults and cooperates with all other members of the school community on issues that are of concern to the pupils
  • keeps the rest of the school informed about issues being discussed and decisions being made
  • helps to improve the relationship between teachers and students by keeping the lines of communication open at all times
  • suggests ideas and comes up with plans to improve the school environment for students
  • gets involved in activities for the benefit of the school, the local community and the wider world

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