Some STEAM Activities

Well done to Clare Education Centre Director and staff who are publishing some wonderful weekly STEAM activities and challenges. Be sure to visit: for your weekly project. Please click 'Read More' for further information and best of luck to everyone. Click on image to enlarge. Enjoy.                            

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Padlet Rang III

Dear Parent/Guardian, I have created a Padlet of resources for your child  over the last number of days. They include access to all the online educational companies sites and resources for each subject area. I have also put in additional worksheets for Irish, English and Mathematics in their relevant columns. You can access this Padlet through the [...]

Full STEAM ahead !

Since October 2019 the pupils in fourth class have been set STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) challenges ranging from crossing an imaginary river with paper boats, to building the highest book tower to support a weight, investigating sound, building their own tin phones and becoming shoe makers for a few days to list [...]

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Rang III – Home Activities

Dear Parents, I hope you are keeping well and staying safe during these times. Please ensure the skill of cursive writing is being kept up to highest standard during these two weeks. Please see the following hand hygiene videos to do with your children: Please be aware during this time educational websites with fantastic [...]

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STEAM Experiment Egg Timer Rang III

My Rang III pupils are naturally curious. We had a most enjoyable class making egg-timers using re-cycled plastic bottles and free flowing solid materials. The timer had to take 1 minute for all the sand to travel from one end of the timer to the other. Our pupils had great fun ensuring the egg timer was [...]

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Engineering Week & Imagination Playground

Rang III pupils had a wonderful time designing and constructing various structures using Imagination Playground equipment. It was a great experiences for problem solving skills and team work. the children really enjoyed the new equipment.

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Máirt na hInide 2020

Today is Máirt na hInide/Shrove Tuesday, also known as Lá na bPancóg/Pancake Tuesday, as it is the day on which we traditionally make pancakes to mark the last day before the beginning of Lent. Making pancakes is a great way to use up eggs, butter, milk, and sweet things like sugar and fruit, especially before [...]

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STEAM Projects Rang III-IV

For many years, our Clare Education Centre has been promoting the teaching of ‘Science’ in Barefield N.S. and in other schools around Co. Clare. The promotion of active learning as well as co-operative learning were the foundation on which this promotion was built. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  Pupils in our Ranganna [...]

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