A Confirmation Message from Bishop Fintan

Confirmation is a very beautiful Sacrament and a wonderful time in the lives of our Rang VI pupil, their families and our community. Bishop Fintan reflects on the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please click 'Read More' to access:

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Local HistoryTemplemaley

Bishop Fintan recently visited our local Templemaley, a site near our school, that is rich in History, Cultural and Religious traditions.  Please click on title heading 'Local History Templemaley'  to view his visit on:

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Honouring BNS Communion Classes 2020

Sat 16th May was to have been the big day for our First Communion Classes but the sacrament will now take place at a later date. We have put together a Photostory honouring our wonderful 2nd class pupils who I know will be marking the date tomorrow anyway. Fr. Jerry will also give them a [...]

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First Holy Communion Class 2020

Fr. Jerry  is inviting all families of our  First Holy Communion Class to join with him next Sunday, May 17th at 10.30a.m. on our Parish Webcam: During Mass, he will call out the names of all children who were to receive their First Holy Communion this weekend. Please read his following letter of invitation [...]

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Month of May

In our school for the month of May, we always create small altar in our foyer and classrooms dedicated to Mary, the mother of God. Let this be our virtual altar honouring Mary and we ask her to keep us safe during these challenging times. Why not prepare a May altar in your home following the [...]

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Easter Ceremonies 2020 Doora-Barefield Parish

Thanks to Fr. Jerry for setting up webcam in our Parish in The Church of Our Lady, Roslevan to enable all our parishioners link into our Easter Ceremonies during these difficult times, as Covid-19 restrictions continue.   Details of our Easter ceremonies are as follows. To log in:  The webcam brings the Parish together in [...]

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Doora-Barefield Parish…Easter Ceremonies

Doora Barefield Parish has a very busy Easter Programme. Please take a look at times of religious ceremonies during Easter Week. Fr. Jerry will bring these ceremonies live to you on webcam. Please click 'Read More' and click on image to enlarge.

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Holy Week…Diocese of Killaloe

The Diocese of Killaloe has kindly shared wonderful information with us to help celebrate Holy Week and Easter. Emmaus Productions have prepared a complimentary resource kit of excellent online videos & music downloads for children and adults. Please click 'Read More' to access link:  

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